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3320N Garfield Ave, Loveland, CO 80538-2250    TEL: 970-663-1188

Canton Palace,based in 3320 N Garfield Ave Loveland,announces that the restaurant will be participating in the upcoming 4th annual competition of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in USA award organized by the Chinese Restaurant News.The award,which attracts participation from the nationwide 43,139 Chinese restaurants,establishes the industry's standard for the best in Chinese cuisine.Canton Palace,with the rest of the competition candidates,will be mystery shopped anytime from now until the end of September 2008.Celebrity chefs such as Martin Yan will be joining CRN to announce the award winners in November 2008.
"Canton Palace has been established for many years.We are confident that our restaurant has a chance of winning the Top100 award in light of our sincere service and exquisite dishes."said restaurant owner.The owner considers restaurant's participation as a good opportunity to improve the establishment.With extensive experience in the restaurant business,the owner continues to manage the restaurant successfully by adhering to the business principle"customer first,service utmost".
"Our customers are very delighted to know that we have signed up for the Top 100 Chinese Restaurant competition,"said the owner.Canton Palace encourages their diners to cast their votes at the restaurant.